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Our client companies
need talented executive, engineering and sales professionals who seek rewarding careers in this exciting field.

If you’re an experienced industry professional
and you’re curious
about other opportunities,
contact us in strictest confidence.

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Charles Stickler Associates
A distinguished name in the metals industry since 1976, Charles Stickler Associates specializes in finding the top talent available to satisfy the people needs of Metal Service Centers, Processors, Mills, and other clients, all across the nation.

We Are Recruiters
We work exclusively for employers in the metals industry, on a retained search basis. We know the industry like nobody else. We know the people, their talents, and their companies. So we are able to recruit from the pool of existing industry talent. Our strength is in finding candidates who have the experience, skills and intangibles to satisfy your needs and requirements. When you’ve made your choice, we go to work helping your chosen candidate to resolve any obstacles that might keep him or her from joining your team.

After your chosen candidate is on board, we maintain a disciplined program of contacting him or her on a regular
basis over the course of the first year to be sure the lines
of communication regarding job satisfaction remain open.

Meeting the Needs of the Metals Industry for Top Executives,
Talented Sales People, and Other Salaried Positions

Have a key opening to fill? Need to make a confidential replacement? Looking for a person where the right mix of skills and initiative is crucial? You have a situation ready made for a Stickler solution.

Our first step is to listen to you very carefully, in detail, to make sure we understand your needs and expectations. The Stickler team then goes to work finding and screening candidates who can satisfy your requirements. We use a rifle approach, not a shotgun approach. We zero in on the top available talent in the industry qualified for the position you’re looking to fill.

Our in-depth experience in metals means we can appreciate your situation, speak your language, and thoroughly understand your needs and expectations for the person you're seeking.

Stickler is Where the Metals Industry Meets the Talent Marketplace
Our connections, skills and experience, coupled with special Stickler professional tools, like our extensive data base, enable us to locate the top talent available for your job faster and more cost effectively than any other practical alternative. We maintain the nation’s largest database of skilled metals industry personnel.

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